Back again.

Hi, hello, it’s me again. Yesterday marked TWO YEARS since we played our first gig together. Currently we’re writing new stuff. As musicians it is our sole duty to attempt to come up with pieces of music that you, the listener, can enjoy. Whether that enjoyment stems from sitting back with your £4 train station […]

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I’m on a train…

So the whole ‘I’ll do this at least once a week’ thing didn’t really last did it? If I’m honest I’ve had a pretty bizarre month and had an awful lot going on but I won’t go into that right now. Currently, I’m on a train from Crewe (I travelled from Hartford to Crewe) on […]

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Hello, hello.

SO… I’m (Jack) really new to this whole blogging thing but I thought it’d maybe give us as a band a bit more of an opportunity to reach out and talk to you, the people who make this whole journey worthwhile. I’m gonna try post here (at least) once a week, and just give you […]

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